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Paint Supplies

Buy paint online at K&S Industrial! We only offer paints that can be safely shipped, such as Cabot and Rustoleum products. We have an assortment of various painting items by vendors such as Purdy, Wooster, Abco, Shur-line, Wagner, Hyde, GE and Dap. We carry assorted sizes of brushes, rollers and roller sleeves. We also have paint trays, tray liners, buckets, drop cloths, paint sprayers, scrapers and many types of Dap and GE caulking. K&S Industrial is also proud to carry Louisville Ladders. If you want to buy paint and paint supplies online, you’ve come to the right place.

Another reason K&S Industrial is sure to be the place to buy paint is because our selection is so big, you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Featured products under "Paint Supplies"

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Yachtsman 4" Brush

Price: $16.49

ZAP-it 4G LT Cure Glue

Price: $7.99

ZipAWay10.1OZ CLR Caulk

Price: $6.79

ZipXL Hand Sander

Price: $12.49

ZN Rod Support Hook

Price: $2.49