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Fire & Safety Supplies

Safety is a top priority for any home or company. K&S Industrial is a leader among safety supply stores. We provide various Brady products such as photo-luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) stair markers, tapes, non-skid tapes, exit signs and hazard signs. These products can be used to comply with the NYC Local 26 law. We also supply Brady electrical valve and lockout kits, pipe markers, SPC oil and water spill kits as well as absorbent socks and pads. We have both safety and flammable cabinets. Kibble smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also available, as well as various 3M and MSA respirators, hearing and eye protection equipment and a large supply of light sticks. If you’re looking for the elite among safety supply stores, you’ve come to the right place.

K&S supplies fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire hose racks, rack covers, hose nozzles, pipe to hose adapters, and siamese caps. If you’re looking for a dedicated company who is a leader among safety supply stores, look no further than K&S Industrial.

Featured products under "Fire & Safety Supplies"

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13" BLU Clean FLR Pad

Price: $5.99

13.8OZ Furniture Polish

Price: $8.99

134OZ Ajax Detergent

Price: $6.99

13OZCinna Air Freshener

Price: $6.49

14" Pro Wind Washer

Price: $18.99

14" Shop Scoop Dust Pan

Price: $17.99

14" Squeegee/Scrubber

Price: $39.99

14" SS Wind Squeegee

Price: $9.49

144OZ Lemon Pine Sol

Price: $13.49

144OZ Pine Disinfectant

Price: $14.49

14OZ Dust Mop Treatment

Price: $5.99

14OZ Zep SS Cleaner

Price: $5.29